Welcome to my crazy world


Thanks for joining me!


I’ll start this blog with one of my personal favorites. The image is titled Rumination and was photographed underwater 07/2015. This image was from my third session underwater, and features Samantha Marley as the model. The photo session itself was 5 hours and took place at The SportsCenter Athletic Club in High Point, NC.

As I post images, I will – a little at a time, introduce more of myself to you. To get to know me, I must take you back to the beginning and slowly bring you into my world. I began my photographic journey when I was young, around age 10, when my father – who did not live with me – gave me my first SLR camera. Although this camera did not work, it was my most precious possession, and I loved holding it and pretending to take photos with it. I recall how heavy it was to me at the time, and can never forget how sticky the film door was as it was held together by duct tape. Much of my inspiration to do all I have done, and will do in the future has come from my father, whom I never got the chance to know as well as I wish I had since he passed away in 2001 from a heart attack at the age of 50. More to come…