Early figure studies


In all things, we have firsts. I have always been fascinated with the female form, not only for it’s obvious sexual lure, but the aesthetic qualities of the lines and shapes that the female figure has the potential to create. As with many teen youths, Playboy was my first introduction of the nude, and I would imagine I had the same reactions as most young males my age when confronted with such imagery. However, I took it a step further, after the elation of seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see evaporated, I came to appreciate the work for something a bit more- I could see the techniques used and yes, even the artistry of it all. I wanted to do more than just look at those images, I wanted to be the guy taking the photos.

I had no idea at the time that I would actually end up working with the female figure extensively (however, it is important to say, not exclusively). When Danielle posed for me during my very first model session, she gave me my first opportunity to photograph the female form. I was excited at the opportunity, and did the best I could under the circumstances of being new and not fully knowing how to pose the female form. Here are two of my very first images of the female form, and yes…I am well aware of how bad they are. It is important to tell my story, and I had a beginning just like everyone else. These images may be highly technically flawed, but they are very important to the path I would take as a photographer, and critical to my story. Once again, I wish to remind that these are also poor scans of film negatives.

I simply cannot leave it at that. In fact, I think I’m going to keep doing “something old, something new” in my posts, at least for the time being. I don’t want to bore everyone with failings of my early days, however important they were in my development. The above photos were taken July 2001. 14 years later, I had the opportunity to photograph her once again. We shot for three days straight in what I only can describe as nothing more than nostalgic. It was amazing working with her again and seeing how far we’ve both come in our separate worlds that were linked only by moments in time and a passion for the opposing sides of the lens. Here are a few from that session: