Early Landscape Work


Going back, landscapes and scenics are the beginning point of nearly every photographer. It’s not that they are easy, it is more likely that they are convenient. When you go out into the environment, you are never told (as you would from a model), ” I am not feeling good today,” or “my car broke down,” or other excuse that is commonly provided. When you photograph nature, or a scenic environment, you are only held accountable by yourself.

This struggle still exists today, and that is – in part- why I still love doing scenic work. Not only do I love the connection to the environment, but the solitude of simply being alone, without a responsibility to a model or crew…It is just me, and I can take it all at my own pace. It’s therapeutic, really, and sometimes is necessary to bring things back to why I do this in the first place. It provides a reminder of why I love taking pictures in the first place.

Although I had taken the following images about halfway through my career, I still consider them early work. From 2000-2009, photography was forced to be a part time job for me, because I still had to work at a corporate job. In 2009, after a move to Asheville, NC, I was able to re-position myself as a full time photographer, but this is really where I became a full time photographic artist.

It is these images that led to my first exhibition in Asheville, NC in 2010.