A Little Nutty


OK, maybe not nutty, but instead a French fry.

I was doing some photography at the NC Zoo for an assignment, and came across this little guy. He was one of the most fearless squirrels I had come across. I first encountered this squirrel as he had positioned himself just lying in the middle of the walkway, and he was just spread out as if sunbathing. I walked right up to him, and he didn’t seem to mind. I first thought he might be injured, as he just laid there and was uninterested in the fact that I was approaching. He eventually did get up and lightly hobbled toward the nearby food court. My guess was that he was trying to give a hint.

Sunbathing Squirrel

I was hungry as well, so I purchased a burger and fries, and decided to just see what would happen. I sat down, and held a french fry at his level. Once his gaze caught the fry in my hand, I could immediately see his interest. While he was a little unsure, he seemed to think all would be OK, as after some hesitation, he walked right up to me, and took the fry from my hand and began to nibble right away. It was quite apparent that this was not his first French fry, and he seemed eager to enjoy the morsel.

He walked under the seat, and continued his nibbling session. I followed with my camera and just observed him, while capturing the photo below. We as a society tend to overlook that this little creatures have thoughts and feelings as well, and this encounter just reminded me that when you take time to just watch another living creature, you see things that make you realize we aren’t terribly different after all.

Squirrel Eating a French Fry