Alaska…The Final American Frontier?

Island near the Alaskan Coastline

I was raised on a farm in the country, a tobacco farm to be precise. That is in part where my love of nature derives from; the freedom I had to roam and explore my surroundings. Coming from that environment, you’d think I would have an excellent idea of what clean air would be like. I always thought I had, and could immediately tell a difference whenever I was in or near any city of size. The smells are just different, and clean air is something you just can tell.

I recently went on a trip to Alaska, and images from that trip will likely haunt my blog posts from time to time, as I am still working on them. When I went on that trip, I was awakened to the fact that I did not know a thing about clean air. I have been deep in forests. I have admired the mist of many waterfalls, and yet still, the encounter to my senses in Alaska was something I had never encounter before, no matter how solitude the area in which I had previously ventured.

The olfactory sense you get is one that you pretty much need to acquire yourself. It was refreshing to be able to breath this level of pureness and I truly disliked going back to the smells of the traditional world. Everyone should, at least once in their life, visit Alaska just to experience the true nature of clean, and to get a sense of what we have done to our world. It truly is an eye-opening experience.