A Splashing Fun Time

Strawberry Splash

As a photographer, you must experiment. It keeps you fresh, even if your doing something that has been done over and over again. If it is the first time you have done something, then that experience will further YOUR knowledge. Just because something has been done many times over does not necessarily mean you should avoid it.

For example…milk splashes. It has been done to death, but it still is pretty to look at, and it isn’t easy to do. You have to have excellent timing with both you and your assistant, unless you are using a MIOPS trigger, but in this particular case, it was done the old fashioned way. My assistant and I, and good old timing with a single Broncolor flash burst…and many do-overs to get the right splash.

Patience is key, and perseverance will be paid off with the reward of a great image. It’s not a perfect image, but I learned something from this session so that when I do the next one, I’ll know what to do different. It was fun to do, and something was learned, and that is what was important.

This is a starting point to another thing I have always wanted to do, the milk dress photo shoot. Stay tuned.