Bee Yourself

Macro Wasp

Okay, so it’s a wasp, not a bee. This post is also not a philosophical post about being true to yourself…although I do believe that, however, I’m not going into that on this post. I just wanted to use that particular title ever since I watched the Disney movie “Aladdin” – the Robin Williams version, of course. If you are let down by my intentionally misleading (for the purposes of humor) title, my apologies.

I have many fascinations, and have a somewhat scientific mind and related interests. It should be of no surprise that I like to look at things from a different perspective, including taking a an everyday subject and viewing it in a way that allows one to see something they don’t normally observe. Macro photography does just that. It is more than just setting your unwilling subject up and taking the photo. When you are focusing at that level, you see details that aren’t even captured by the camera. A keen eye will notice that this image is in focus in some areas, and out of focus in others. This is due to the extremely shallow depth of field when photographing at this level of magnification. In order to get an image entirely sharp from edge to edge, you have to employ a technique called focus stacking. This requires you to take multiple exposures of different focus points and stack them together. I have not yet tried this, but I have plans to do so in the near future.

For this setup, I used a tool called “helping hands.” It is a small weighted object with a set of clips on flexible arms that allow you to position the small subject any way you like. I then chose a yellow flower with orange highlights and placed it behind the wasp, far enough for it to be completely out of focus. This was an appropriate backdrop for a brown colored insect. I then use a small flash and an Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5.0 set at 4.1 magnification, shot at f/8.

This was a lot of fun, and I plan to revisit it again soon.