Ice Queen


I love to experiment. I love trying new things and stepping outside of the traditional. I really enjoy collaboration and getting photos I cannot obtain strictly on my own. A special thanks to the model, Payton Erickson who did extremely well with the near 3 hours of hair and makeup time, and the additional two hours to finish the setup and get the shot. An additional special thanks to Lisa Jones, who was the hair and makeup artist who made this shoot possible.

I love adding texture to the models’ skin. This includes sand, sugar, oil and water, paint – anything that can be viewed as different. It is all an experiment, and I feel this one was a success.

The snow was fake powdered snow that was purchased a year ago when I took a trip to Alaska. I found it in a tourist shop, and was amazed at how much it looked like real snow, and was even cold to the touch. You add water to the powder and thanks to science, it expands into the snow-like powder you see here. It really is amazing to play with. I knew when I first discovered this powder that it would make for a great photo shoot, so I held onto it until I had the right shoot for it.

I hope you enjoy!