First Male Model Session


Meet Evan, a volunteer model who was kind enough to be my test subject. I have never photographed a male model before, so decided to give it a go to start rounding out my portfolio a little more.

We went to a vacant street at night, and I set up with a simple two light setup. A 19″ softbox camera right, and a little old hot shoe flash laying on the pavement. We knocked out a few images that are in line with my female work, but begins to add a balance to my work. While I have worked with minors before, it has never been in a professional capacity before since all minors before Evan were strictly portrait clients. Even that has been a long time ago. I thank Evan’s parents, Alison and Daniel (coincidentally the same names of my wife and I) for enduring the dark photo shoot in the middle of the road – where we warded off some definite seekers of “alone time” – those cars that would pull in hoping no one else was around. Sorry to all those that were affected by our presence. It was not my intention to thwart your efforts. {smiles}