“I’m Not Beautiful”


I hear this a lot, actually. I sometimes wonder what goes on in a young girls’ developmental stages where she, later as an adult, thinks this. It saddens me to hear beautiful girls – girls that should know they are beautiful – think that they are not. On the other hand, I do take a little pride in showing them they are. I sort of understand, in the world where magazines over-photoshop their models, and TV shows only put on the best looking actresses. I am notincing a trend in where this logic is starting to change, so hopefully the effects of beauty marketing may eventually shift.

One of the greatest compliments I was ever given wasn’t monetary. It wasn’t even words. It was in the form of tears. This happened a few years back, but on one occasion, when the model saw her images – she cried. She had great disbelief that the images I showed her were of herself, but they most certainly were. To date, that has my greatest compliment in the world of photography. I was glad to be of service in that regard, and I have always wanted to start some type of “body beautiful” project where normal everyday women get to see themselves as something more than what they believe. I feel they should feel as beautiful as they are. My guess is that they just may need a different mirror.

Payton is the model in the above image. I recently worked with her on my snow queen image as well. She told my MUAH that she didn’t feel she was beautiful. I ask that everyone leave her a {polite} message below that she is.