A Box? Nope. I don’t like boxes.


This is an example of a shoot I did just yesterday. It was a model painted with UV reactive paint, and lit with UV light. This is just a taste of the images from the session, but more will follow – hopefully soon. The model was Payton, who is quickly becoming a regular. She does very well with with instruction and is open to my craziness.

The paint was applied by my recently acquired makeup artist, Lisa Jones. She is very quickly becoming a vital part of my team, as she not only does amazing work, she is also willing to learn things she never has tried before and boldly step outside her comfort zone in order to take on a new challenge.

So what is all this about boxes? Well, many say photographers should pick a genre and stick with it. I have never adhered to that approach, I simply photograph what I like and I honestly do not care if others agree with my wild swings of styles or not. I love making images, I love making art. I love doing it my way. Doing this shoot reminded me of that. I enjoy stepping outside the box, exploring new territory while also keeping my traditional styles close in the background.

More from this set soon. Stay tuned.