Getting in the Halloween Spirit!


I love Halloween! Each year I try to add something new to the yard collection. First, a tour of the main attractions. These are cell photos, so don’t judge too harshly on quality. 😉

Overall view of the house from the street view.

Above, you can make out the old graveyard fence I built to rest street-side. Above, in the attic, I have a projector projecting scary scenes onto a translucent shower curtain. The scenes change periodically. On Halloween night, things get stepped up a bit. I trade out the scenes for more scary scenes, I add creepy music from Nox Arcana playing on loudspeakers in the yard, two large for machines, and a small for machine attached to the gargoyle who spews fog from his mouth. My neighbors love it, as do my kids – it is simply a tradition and I was a little late this year in setting it up…so much so that people started stopping and asking when I was going to set it up as their kids were wondering why they weren’t up yet. I finished this setup today, except for the changes I will make on Halloween day. Also, MY garage lights are replaced with bulbs that look like flames, and a couple of strobe lights run in the garage which add a creepy effect to the whole house. Here is the rest of the tour…

Floating ghoul – looks really cool when the wind is blowing.
Vampire Demon
Haunted Tree
Gargoyle Grave
The Door Greeters. OK, sometimes small kids don’t make it this far. I sorta feel bad about that.
This is Edward, he has been guarding this side of the house for 10 years. He is a trusty old soul.